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Estate Assets Can Be Kingdom Assets

Estates come in all sizes: everyone has one.  The question is: what will you do with it?

Often, generous givers to God's Kingdom simply do not think of using estate assets to advance Kingdom ministries.  Estate assets can be used in ways that reflect our character and faith, just as we use income.  In fact, only 10% of wealth in America is income, 90% is estate assets.  What if Christians across America took steps to use estate assets for God?

We Believe:

  • God is owner of all things, yes, even our estate assets.
  • God blesses us to honor Him through blessing others.
  • God's desires that we be generous to His Kingdom.
  • God-focused strategic planning of estate assets is the most generous Kingdom gift most of us will ever undertake.

School Ministries Alabama partners with Believers Stewardship Services to help individuals implement an overall plan or adopt creative strategies. 

  • "Buy Low and Give High" with Appreciated Stock or Real Estate:  Instead of paying capital gains tax on appreciation, give it to advance Kingdom ministries, with no tax.
  • Use IRA Distribution Taxes to advance Kingdom work:  Instead of paying ordinary income taxes on IRS distributions, give these taxes to Kingdom ministries by making them partial or full beneficiaries. (individuals over age 70 1/2 can make a direct gift to ministries in lieu of required annual distribution and avoid income tax on it.)

To start considering a gift of estate assets, click here.  


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